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About Woomax

We’re a team of human resources professionals that works with integrity, confidence and excellence to contribute to people’s professional development and boost the performance of companies.
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We provide solutions that optimize the processes of selecting, training and evaluating human capital to multiply the operating efficiency of businesses.
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We help people find their ideal job to advance their professional growth.
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At Woomax we work with the following sectors:

  • Banks and insurance
  • Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Logistics and transport
  • Mass consumption and retail
  • Heavy industry
  • Construction

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If you’re a Candidate

Creating an employee profile on Woomax is very easy: you just need to fill in the information on the sign-up form that’s in the employee portal of our website.
You can take the information from your CV.

To upload your CV to Woomax you have to access the I’m a candidate portal and register. You can use the information from your LinkedIn profile or fill in the form manually.

Yes, you can update all the information on your CV at any time. You just have to log into your employee portal profile on any electronic device with internet access.

Yes, you can apply to as many offers as you like if you think you have the necessary conditions for each profile.

Yes, you can get a job without having previous experience. Take into account that your aptitudes, traits and values should correspond with the desired profile.

The salary scale of each position depends on various factors such as the company’s sector, the complexity of the position, the level of responsibility and the policy of each company, among other factors. At the end of the selection process, if you’re selected for the position, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the salary with the company before signing the contract.

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From your employee profile you can follow all updates related to your applications 24/7. In addition, you’ll receive email notifications about every step in your application process.

At Woomax, we know that having a job you like and which fits your profile is one of the keys to staying motivated and reaching your personal goals.
That’s why we offer a team of experts and tools that will help you identify your professional skills and areas for improvement in order to increase the chances of finding the position that best fits your profile.

If you’re a Business

Yes, through our talent selection service we help you find employees that fit the profile or profiles that you’re looking for.


The time that the recruitment process takes depends on the complexity of each profile, but it will never be less than 30 business days from the date of validation of the job offer to the signing of the service order.

You can contact us through our website or by calling our customer service phone number. Or you can write us on social media: Facebook, Instagram y Linkedin.
We know that having all the profiles your company needs for its best performance is not always practical. That’s why Woomax offers you the possibility to outsource some of the areas of people management so that you can focus more on activities related to the development and growth of your business. For more information about this service, contact us.

You can create a profile on our client portal and access the status of all processes (recruitment, bills, employees managed by Woomax, etc.) that your company has open with us.


One of our advantages is that we’re a modular solution that adapts to the needs of each of our clients. In this case, it’s possible for you to post your offers without using the rest of our services. For more information about the conditions, contact us through our official channels.

All Woomax solutions have the turnkey option or can adapt to the needs of the client. There are certain formalities that we would have to carry out and others that clients can choose whether to outsource or not.


Yes, you can pay your bills through our website with different electronic payment methods. For example, with a Visa card, Mastercard, a PayPal account, etc.


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