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January 16, 2023

Employee Journey Map: what is is, why you need it and how to create it

The Employee Journey Map is a tool generally used by the Human Resources department and which is fundamental for the management of employees within an organization.

We’re convinced that human talent is the main asset within a company and that is why more and more focus is being placed on creating healthier work environments, where people can feel committed and motivated and where, therefore, better results are obtained.

HR leaders know that to achieve this, the experiences of each individual within their work situation must be analyzed in detail, in order to then develop the best strategy and thus generate a positive impact for both staff and leaders.

To make this possible, very useful tools such as the Employee Journey Map have been created. Next, we will tell you why you should take it into account for the development and success of your company. Take note!

What is an Employee Journey Map?

The employee journey map is a powerful tool for organizations since it allows them to have a vision of the trajectory of their human capital in order to identify their roles, functions and emotions.

Likewise, this resource aims to ensure that employees have satisfactory experiences within a company so that they can improve their productivity and identify with the brand, among other factors.
Based on its use, improvements can be evaluated and solutions proposed. Incentives and challenging goals can be used to promote the development of staff potential and, consequently, prevent brain drain.

In the employee journey map, certain techniques are used that consist of conducting personal interviews or satisfaction surveys in order to find out the concerns, ambitions or needs of talent within a company.

With the information obtained in the previous steps, a time map is proposed in which the cycle of each employee in the company is shown to analyze the positive and negative milestones, and thus design the ideal solutions to improve their experience and increase their work performance.

Why is it important to have an Employee Journey Map?

An employee journey map has endless advantages for both companies and their human capital, since it allows them to:

  1. Achieve a more effective and collaborative workplace.
  2. Align the organization and plan actions based on the specific needs of employees.
  3. Identify opportunities to promote inclusion and equity.
  4. Promote the development and improve the performance of human capital.
  5. Strengthen communication between the different groups within the company.
  6. Reduce the turnover rate.
  7. Increase worker identification with the company.
  8. Significantly improve the work environment.

How to create an Employee Journey Map for your company

Although there are several ways to make an employee journey map within a company, the following phases must be taken into account for it to be effective:

1. Choose the method of participation

In order to collect the required data, you need to select the most suitable procedure. You can opt for different methods such as group meetings, personal interviews or satisfaction surveys.

2. Establish segmentation

Group your employees based on the roles they play; such as their age, behavior, needs, etc.

3. Choose reference points

This involves finding information about your workers throughout their trajectory in the company. For example, their learning, contributions, recognition obtained, conflicts, and much more.

4. Make a map with two axes

Create a graph with the time (x) and trajectory (y) values to evaluate the performance of each person and find the peaks to establish new measures of improvement.

5. Use specialized tools

The use of software to create an employee journey map will be very useful when it comes to streamlining processes.

Analyze the results: once the information has been examined and the improvement strategy applied, it’s important to analyze the measures that have been taken and check if there was a positive evolution in the employee’s career.

Now that you know the importance of having an employee journey map, take the opportunity to implement it in your company, achieve positive experiences for your employees, and reach your business goals!